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Re-Usable, Washable Facemask with Filter 1) Each Mask comes with one filter ( one filter should last a week) 2) Filter size is 15cm x 9cm Introducing the D15 Filter Filter Instructions: By entrapping 95% of microparticles above 5µm (microns) to help in the fight against the Coronavirus. Each filter may be sterilised 5 times before discarding. All new masks and filters must be sterilised by soaking in boiling water before use! DAILY CLEANING PROCEDURE 1.After wearing remove the mask by the straps only 2.To sterilise place the complete unit (mask and filter) in a bowl and cover with boiling water from a kettle 3.Wash hands and face using Covid -19 protocols 4.After 5 minutes, remove the mask from water and rinse in cold water 5.Press dry with a dishcloth or paper towels, remove the filter and put mask and filter aside to airdry 6.The mask may be washed by hand or machine and ironed after removing the filter 7.Do not squeeze, wring or wash the filter as this could damage its delicate structure 8.The filter must be replaced after being sterilised 5 times read more ↓ read less ↑

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